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Jesus Christ Superstar (17-002)

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Jesus Christ Superstar
Front Cover
Front Cover
Back Cover
Back Cover
General Info
Publisher Discovision
Released ??/12/1978
Region USA
Genre Musical
Feature Length 107 mins
Extras Length N/A
UPC None
Disc Info
Disc Type CAV
Formatting NTSC
No. Discs 2
No. Active Sides 4
No. Feature Chapters 0
No. Extra Chapters 0
Disc Size 12"
Picture Info
Colour Colour
Picture Type Fullscreen, Pan & Scan
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Audio Info
Spoken Language English
Analog Left Mono
Analog Right Mono
Digital Left None
Digital Right None
Subtitles & CC Info
Subtitles None
Closed Captioning None
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Discovision later reissued this film in 1979 as a 5 Sided CAV version in stereo with the same catalogue number; Jesus Christ Superstar (17-002) (Stereo Reissue)

With two sides running over 29 minutes this contains two of the longest CAV sides produced by Discovision.


[edit] Feature

Film version of the musical stage play, presenting the last few weeks of Christ's life, told in an anachronistic manner.

[edit] Chapters

This release is not time encoded, only allowing the viewer to jump ahead in the film by entering a frame number.

[edit] Extras

This laserdisc has no extras.

[edit] Side Info

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Side Type Frame Count (Side Length) Side Break
1 CAV41896 (29:06 approx)
2 CAV42403 (29:27 approx)
3 CAV38253 (26:34 approx)
4 CAV31224 (21:41 approx)End

[edit] Packaging

During the production of this title the packaging went from a box to a sleeve.

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